Select a Plan

Please be aware that when making a subscription payment, there may be an additional transaction fee charged by the payment service.
Make sure to take this into account when indicating the total amount.


To get acquainted with &Volume


/ for 7 days

Trading amount limit
up to $200


For new investors

$ 25

/ monthly

Trading amount limit
up to $400


For experienced investors

$ 50

/ monthly

Trading amount limit
to $900


For professionals

$ 100

/ monthly

Trading amount limit
to $3000


The trading amount

The trading amount limit is the sum that &Volume employs for cryptocurrency pair trading, varying across each type of subscription plan to cater to diverse user needs.

In the "Starter" plan, this limit is set at $400. This implies that &Volume will utilize $400 for trades, regardless of whether your total deposit on the cryptocurrency exchange is, let's say, $10,000 or more.

Consider this scenario: After a successful month, your account balance has risen to $600. However, with the Starter plan, the trading amount remains capped at $400.

To expand the trading amount available, users can seamlessly upgrade to a higher subscription plan.

Not a Constraint, but a Safety Measure

Upon the project's launch, an amount corresponding to the selected plan will be utilized for trading, capped at $3,000 regardless of the account balance. For instance, if the initial account balance was $3,000 and after a month of trading it increased to $4,000, we will still only employ $3,000 for trading in the subsequent month, despite the higher balance.

Payment Terms

  • The paid subscription is activated from the date of payment and is valid for a calendar month.

  • Currently, we exclusively accept payments in cryptocurrency. Integration with international payment systems will be implemented in the future.

  • As the project is in its technical launch phase, any modifications to the terms of use will be communicated to users with a minimum notice period of 1 calendar month.

  • &Volume does not function as a tax agent. Users are solely responsible for fulfilling their tax obligations. It is your responsibility to declare all income earned through the service. The declaration process should align with the tax regulations of your country of tax residence.

Maintain Control

Remember, investments in cryptocurrency trading carry higher risks compared to traditional instruments like bank deposits or long-term stock investments. Be sure to assess your risks carefully and avoid putting all your savings into this venture..