About us

&Volume is a service that autonomously handles crypto investments,
aiming to generate profits for clients without demanding their time and attention.

Our mission

We aim to demystify cryptocurrency investment, making the trading process straightforward and accessible

Given the relative youth, complexity, and risk associated with the cryptocurrency industry, there is often a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of confidence due to a dearth of accessible information. At &Volume, we believe that trust should be built on transparency and integrity. Sometimes, it's necessary to start from scratch to create something superior.

&Volume is precisely geared towards this mission – to bring the cryptocurrency industry out of the shadows. We offer an optimal path to grow your savings. Our users have the ability to monitor how their funds are being invested, all while retaining full control; we never require any fund transfers.

What sets us apart from competitors is our provision of a fully automated system designed to yield profits from daily cryptocurrency trading. Besides choosing your risk level, our approach necessitates no prior experience or additional user actions.

We believe in full transparency when it comes to how &Volume operates. We openly discuss our artificial intelligence system and the specific trading strategies we employ.

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Pictured: The University of Edinburgh, Old College.

The story

&Volume took its first steps in Scotland

Originally, our vision was to create an automated trading system for traditional stock and foreign exchange markets. However, the high costs associated with obtaining a brokerage license temporarily diverted our path. Consequently, we redirected all our efforts towards the crypto market.

During our time at the University of Edinburgh, as part of our Master's thesis, we initiated the development of a prototype project. The initial working title was Project Garuda.

The university played a pivotal role, offering invaluable support. We gained access to cutting-edge AI research, received guidance in analyzing the idea in light of contemporary trends and scientific findings. A special note of gratitude to our mentors at Student Enterprise for their guidance in refining the idea and for connecting us with valuable industry contacts. The educational resources, training materials, seminars, and courses provided by the university were instrumental in comprehensively developing the idea from its conceptual stage to a functional product.

Kraev Ilia

Received a Master of Science degree from The University of Edinburgh. Worked at the UN headquarters in New York on projects in the field of sustainable development and digital government. Managed digital transformation projects for Raiffeisen and BNP Paribas banks. Involved in the development of remote banking for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).

Ovchinnikov Danil

Economist. Worked as a day trader for a large brokerage firm for over 5 years, trading stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies. As part of his activities, he was responsible for the development of algorithmic trading systems. Led the development of a professional trading terminal for working with futures on the Binance and Bybit platforms.

Oynoyan Achod Nicholas

Received a Master of Science degree from The University of Edinburgh. Worked in predictive analytics of investment portfolio value at Coordinates Capital Management, Hong Kong. Managed a stock portfolio at Waterstone Advisors, USA. Conducted industry risk analysis of European equities in Laillet Bordier, France.

Shargunov Ivan

Expert in Python for Data Science, including data processing, modeling, and visualization. Worked with machine learning and deep neural networks. Was involved in the development of projects in the field of Data Science from start to finish, including the entire cycle of machine learning. He was involved in the development of desktop applications for Binance and Bybit.